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Case study: Barcelona

Some 2,500 containers of 2,500 liters each deployed in 12 districts
= 30,000 containers in total (whereof 6,000 organic waste)

  • All vehicles travel according to predetermined routes regardless of whether containers need emptying or not. Vehicles therefore drive longer than they need to and thus take up space on the streets and release unnecessary carbon dioxide.
  • Containers that are not full are emptied unnecessarily.
  • Containers that are overflowing lead to reduced use of waste sorting, pollute the urban environment and attract vermin.
  • Containers with organic waste or contaminants start to smell bad because of environmental exposure.
  • Dirty, smelly and overflowing containers lead to less sorting.

The Problem

Organic waste emptied at 40-60 % fill level leads to:

The ContainerAid Solution

Conversion ”Dumb bin” to ContainerAid ”Smart bin” leads to:

The ContainerAid proposition is an attractive investment case because…

The Market

The waste management market is large, global and growing, showing CAGR of 3,4% (2021-2030)*.

Solid key market drivers in terms of growing urbanization, populations, traffic etc.


ContainerAid is an innovative odor removal and traffic optimization system for better waste handling.

ContainerAid is a patented (pending) solution with a potential broad based IP application for maximum market protection.


Opportunity to influence the setting of the team and company structure from the beginning.

Opportunity to influence the decision as to where the proposition will be launched.


Access to patented (pending) technology and solution targeting a large global market with continued high growth potential.

Access to an early stage business with potential for attractive growth and international scaling.

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